It’ll be a Wednesday, and I’ll be going to this coffee shop…

September 29, 2021 @ 10:51 AM

Busy day awaits. She always woke up with a wide rosy smile, knowing how busy she would be in a day. Being busy means the chance to meet her lovely fans is getting bigger for her, so be it.

“How about, I stop by Starbucks first before going to the studio?” She thought by herself on a reflection of her in the mirror, while brushing her teeth. She nodded and spit out the foam into the sink, hopping inside the shower.

It was always the same coffee shop, by the way. She thought, if she kept coming to the same place at times, people would be easier to recognize her. Turned out, it went well. The baristas knew her well now, even what she would buy on the cashier.

“Iced Frappuccino, Miss?” One of them asked her today, making sure that her order was correct. But she shook her head softly, still with a wide rosy smile on her face.

“Iced Americano. Three shots. Venti. But make it with less ice, okay?” She said her order in detail and paid off, heading to a table in the corner.

She was busy scrolling through her phone when a barista called an iced americano not with her name. But with his name. Him. She looked up from her phone and hoped it wasn’t him, but it actually was.

She still looked at his back until he finally turned around and their eyes met, his eyes were so brown and clear, full of wonders. And she could see the smile from his eyes, a second after.

After a minute of nonsense small talk, she looked to the dewy plastic cup in his hand, asking, “Isn’t this too early to drink Iced Americano — ah wait, my order…”

She was interrupted by the barista calling her name, deep down she hoped that he wouldn’t wait for her, but he waited after all. She quickly came back to him after she took her Iced Americano, asking him out of there together.

“So, are you starting to drink Americano now?” He asked in the friction of his sips, pointing the venti glass in her hand.

“Yes,” she answered with a little nod. “The bitterness is making me more alive, somehow.” She slightly smiled at him and focused on her steps now, whispering very quietly, “Without you.”



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